Arctic Releases a Line of Liquid Cooling Systems

The Arctic company has shown a newly developed series of liquid-cooling systems for processors. The series, consisting of 4 samples (Liquid Freezer II 120, Liquid Freezer II 240, Liquid Freezer II 280 and Liquid Freezer II 360), got the Liquid Freezer II name. Regarding the names of the models, it’s easy to guess they differ in the heatsink typical size, in the number and size of Arctic P fans. Other components are similar.

The water unit with a copper base is bundled with the pump. One should note, that the 40 mm fan is integrated into this unit. According to the manufacturer, this fan is designed to cool power supply system voltage controllers located near the processor. Pulse-width modulation adjusts velocity of pump and radiator fans. Liquid Freezer II products are compatible with all standard AMD and Intel interfaces.

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