Composer Duke Nukem 3D sues Gearbox and Valve

The rights to music belong to the original developer, Apogee, and Prince himself received royalties in the amount of $1 from each game sold. Moreover, he even registered trademarks for all the songs from the original game.

The situation became a bit more confusing in legal terms after Gearbox acquired the rights to the Duke Nukem series in 2010: "In the text files of the Duke Nukem 3D World Tour it is noted that Mr. Prince owns all the rights to the music in the game, but the developer, Gearbox, added these compositions to his product, without even having contacted the composer and having obtained rights to them”, - the court documents stated.

Prince said that he contacted Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and requested royalties for using music in the updated version of the game, but he simply said that "the situation will be settled soon”. As a result, the composer never received any funds, and Pitchford himself ultimately refused to remove music from the game. At the same time, Valve fell under the distribution – Prince notes that the company refused to remove the game that infringes its copyrights from the Steam store.

According to the court ruling, Gearbox Publishing, Randy Pitchford and Valve have three weeks to respond.

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