Intel Is Developing a Modular Computer to Be Presented Next Year

The company representatives offered to call the demonstration model Element. Element is a part of the modular PC concept.

The idea is the following: all basic desktop PC components are placed into separate modules. Thus, the demonstration sample included the Xeon CPU, slots for SSD and various controllers with interfaces. The module may also contain GPU, special chipsets or any other control means. All modules are connected to the backplane, serving as a wiring panel and a power supply.

The sample shown possessed the PCIe 3.0 interface, however, production models may already have PCIe 4.0. The result of the construction process is a modular PC, one or several modules of which may be replaced if needed. These actions may modify PC options significantly.

Intel states that the idea of Element is first of all aimed at PC manufacturers, not at end customers. It lets save time spent for development and production of new models.

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