Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett consoles will use different ray tracing methods

According to some information, they will be 4 times more productive than the solutions that are currently on the market. The main advantage of the new consoles will be support of real-time ray tracing at the hardware level. This consoles function will, as always, be provided by AMD APU.

According to a proven source in Gizmodo, the ray tracing method on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles will vary significantly, which will create additional problems when developing video games. Unfortunately, there are currently no more details.

The source also said that the new generation of consoles will be “the largest leap in terms of increased computing power in the history of game consoles”. Such words are worth much when true. If the consoles become much more productive than they are now, then the cost should become much higher.

In addition to information about new console performance, we also learned about the camera of the Xbox Scarlett. It will be better than the competitor’s, allow to shoot in 4K resolution and have a 2ms delay. Of the PlayStation 5 features, we know about the voice assistant PlayStation Assist, which will help gamers in difficult gaming situations.

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