Two more 10th generation Intel X processors lit up at Geekbench

Last week there appeared 18- nuclear i9-10980XE and a little more modest i9-10900X, and now a 14-core i9-10940X and 12-core i9-10920X are released. But will their performance be enough to compete with the new Threadripper?

Let's move on to the results of the tests found. For testing the Dell 5820 workstation was used, at which the company carried out all its measurements, so the result may not be 100% consistent with real indicators.

All processors except the Core i9-10980XE show a slight increase in multi-core performance. The i9-10940X, i9-10920X and i9-10900X are 10%, 11% and 10% better than their predecessors, respectively.

But the results of testing single-core performance do not look so optimistically anymore. New items were better than their predecessors by only 2-6%. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the processors were created not for games, but for tasks requiring a maximum of hardware.

In general, one can see only a slight improvement in the 14nm process. If the AMD processors released this year did not have such a huge leap, many would even have thought that Intel had released a revolutionary product in terms of performance, but not. Compared to the coming soon Ryzen 9 3950X and Threadripper, Intel's new products are likely to remain far behind in almost all tests, although it will be really interesting to push such powerful processors together on test benches.

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